"It is my honor, privilege and pleasure to know Dana Winbush both professionally and personally.  She has a clear mission of empowering others that is reflected in the esteemed group of business leaders and entrepreneurs with whom she continuously surrounds herself.  She executes business initiatives with aplomb, time and time again, creating tangible results that make business enterprises dynamic and successful.  Dana is a change agent and exhibits the highest standards of excellence and outstanding leadership skills in all of her endeavors.”


I am constantly making decisions about how we will grow the company substantially, and implementing these decisions requires a combination of business savvy as well as staff management skills that all factor into reaching our corporate goals. Dana Winbush is a strategic thinker that has been and continues to be a resource for me at those critical moments when I am making those decisions for our small business.”


I witnessed Dana’s leadership style develop naturally by focusing on building trust; developing strategies to achieve results; creating alliances internally and externally; and, positively influencing transformation during challenging economic times. Dana’s success can be attributed to understanding that effective leadership begins with self-awareness. Dana’s insight regarding the influence of her own individuality enabled her to build highly-effective teams particularly in the arena of new business development. Whether she is working to generate new revenue streams for private or nonprofit endeavors, I have no doubt Dana will continue to thrive both professionally and personally.”


I know that Dana and the aptly named Intelligent Ethos will do well in the field of helping other like entrepreneurs that lack the time, energy or basic business development skills to move their businesses forward. Dana brings those unique skills and talents to the table at a time when business owners are looking for a resource or person that can help them to reach their potential, while maximizing profits and promoting competitive viability.”


During the time that I worked with Dana, she was the most successful business development manager for the company. She has a unique consultative approach in which she works to fully understand a client's need before providing them with a solution. Her ideas for clients were based on outstanding product knowledge and great all around business experience. Dana provided potential clients great consultation by working to find the service that best fit their needs. I would recommend Dana highly to any firm as she is a true asset to any company she works with.”


One thing that sets Dana apart from others is her high level of emotional intelligence. In sales you don't typically hear of a successful sales person being described as "calm", but Dana is just that. Her calm, centered and professional demeanor immediately puts clients and potential clients at ease. She thinks before she speaks, always. Her consultative sales techniques work to her advantage, and any company should be thrilled to have her as part of their team.”


Dana is respected within the company and the industry. Her clients are among the highest caliber and her rapport with them matched. The attention to detail, drive, ambition, character, integrity and customer relationships make Dana a valuable asset to any sales team, in any industry. It was a privilege to work with someone like Dana.”


Full of energy and ideas, Dana is a talented leader who meets organizational objectives, offers creative solutions, and freely lends a hand if needed. Without reservation, I have no doubt that any company, entrepreneur, or advisory board would benefit immensely from having Dana as a member of its team.”


Working with Dana is a pleasure. Not only does her sense of humor make her admirable, but she does her job and does it well. Every client that I have worked with that Dana has brought into the company has been well informed, excited about the product, and meets the criteria that makes a client successful. It is a pleasure to work alongside Dana.”